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Questions about this website

What is Alter Ego?

Alter Ego is North America’s longest running and most well-attendedmonthly Fetish Party with a strict fetish dress code. Parties take placeat nightclub venues in South Florida and generally draw 700+ partygoerseach month, but special events such as Halloween and our AnniversaryFetish Ball have drawn 1,500-2,000 attendees. Monthly parties alwaystake place on the second Saturday of every month. Alter Ego fetish partieshave run consistently every month since 1995. Alter Ego is the brainchildof Fetish Factory owners Glenn and Donna.

What is the purpose of this website?

The Alter Ego website was designed to inform partygoers about upcomingevents. Just as importantly, this website was designed to bring peopletogether and to help promote a fetish community where like-minded fetishfriends can meet each other for dating, friendships and more.

Is this website really free?

Yes. You must register as a member of the site, but registration isfree. We do not ask for a credit card number or bank account informationanywhere during your registration.

Are there any paid features?

Gold and Platinum memberships are now available! If you love our siteand would like to financially support it by becoming a paid member,we can offer you the highest level of connectivity and access to thesite, including the ability to view every party gallery on our siteregardless of attendance. You can also exchange messages with any member regardlessof their membership level. [ readmore]Gold & platinum membership plans are available from 1month to 3 months, to 6months, all the way up to a fullyear.

What are the differences between basic,gold & platinum membership?

Basic members have access to general areas of thesite and are allowed to communicate with gold & platinum members. Basicmembers have access only to galleries of parties which they have attended.Certain areas and galleries on the site are free to everyone, suchas photographer, model & special galleries. Basic membership is absolutelyFREE. Gold membership is for those of you who are moreinterested in making friends than perusing the galleries. Gold memberscan exchange private messages with any other member regardless of theirmembership level, but do not have any special access to party or videogalleries. Platinum membership allows you to view every gallery on the site regardlessof party attendance, as well as every video gallery. Platinum alsoallows you to communicate with every member on the site regardlessof their membership level.You must create a basic membership and get your photos approved inorder to upgrade your account. You can learn more about platinum membership here.

I want to upgrade my membership! Wheredo I need to go?

You can upgrade here.We accept credit card, checkaccount, or you can charge to your phonebill.If you would prefer to pay for your upgrade in cash, please email Glenn forarrangements.

User Accounts & Photos

What do I need to sign up?

Just some basic information about you and your interests as they relateto fetish, and a photo of yourself that you can upload. Thephoto(s) must be of you. Signup is quick, fun, and relativelypainless (unless you’re into that sort of thing!)

Can other members see my personal information?

Members will see your nickname, hair color, eye color, city, and fetishinterests. Members cannot see any sensitive personalinformation like your first and last name, email, your phone numberor your physical address. This information is collected for our administrativepersonal records and is not available to the public. We collect thisinformation for the safety and security of our community at large. Werequire real information to instill confidence in our members. We willnever sell, share, or give away your information to anyone for any purpose.We will never mail any hardcopy or promotional materials to your physicaladdress.

Is my email secure?

We will never share or sell any of your personal information with athird party. We may occasionally send you our weekly email newsletterthat has important information about upcoming parties and special sales.If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, simply click the linkat the bottom of the newsletter to unsubscribe and you will be removedfrom our lists.

Can I sign up to the newsletter without creatinga member account?

Yes. Please visit the mainpage of and enter youremail address in the input box on the right side. You will be addedto our email list. If you wish to opt out later, there is a linkat the bottom of every newsletter. Simply click on the link and youremail will be removed from our list.

Can we sign up as a couple?

No. Our rules state that each member must have their own individualprofile. Couple profiles will be denied or deleted. Couples with individualaccounts can connect to each other by adding one another as friends.

Can we use the same email?

No. Our system requires that every member have their own individualemail. Reusing the same email may corrupt your profile or make itimpossible to log in.

Do I have to upload a photo?

You don’t have to do anything, but if youdo not upload a photo, you will have extremely limited access tothe site. We recommend uploadinga photo for full functionality and connectivity on the site.If you are concerned about privacy or have a specialneed for anonymity, you may obscure your face in the photo by croppingit / pixelating / blurring – we can also do this for you by request.

What are the photo guidelines?

All photos must be of yourself. You must be prominentlyin the photo in some way, shape or form.Softcore nudity is allowed which basically means you are allowed toshow nipples, but think Rated R instead of Rated X. Nothing too hardcorewill be allowed to be displayed on the site. If you upload somethingtoo hardcore, we will delete it and it will not get approved. Pleasenote that if you are more interested in uploading hardcore photos,please join our sister site you are concerned about privacy, you may obscure your face in thephoto by cropping it / pixelating / blurring – we can also do thisfor you by request.Please do not upload photos of children or photoswith children in them regardless of the context.

Can I upload more than one photo?

Right now you can upload as many photos as you like.

I uploaded a photo but I don’t see it on the site.What gives?

Please note that uploaded photos will not display on the site untilthey are approved. This usually takes 24-48 hours. We do this allby hand to assure the quality and consistency of all content.

Can I delete my photo after it is approved?

Basic members must maintain at least one approved photo or their accessto the site will be extremely restricted. If you have multiple photosand want to remove one or a few of them, just make sure you leave atleast one of them up.

How long does it take to get my account approved?

After you have filled out a registration and uploaded a photo, pleaseallow 24-48 hours for us to approve your photos and activate youraccount to allow you unrestricted access to the site. We check everythingby hand so please be patient. In some rare cases, accounts are activatedthe same day. If there is a problem with your account you will be notifiedby email. If you have waited more than 3 days, your account is stillnot activated, and you have not heard from us, please send an emailto

How do I sign up?

Gohere to sign up a new account.

Something weird has happened. What do I do?

Don’t panic. Please send an description of the problem to and we will try to get it sorted.

I would like to have my account deleted. What doI do?

The button to delete your account is on the membermenu which is thefirst screen you will see after login. The member menu can also befound under information in the top menu. You mayalso send an email to and ask to be deleted. Please let us know why if possible so that wecan improve our services for everyone. Keep inmind that deleting your profile is permanent! If you have markedyourself as “attended” for past parties, you will loseaccess to these galleries, as well as any internal emails, frienddesignations and member photos.

I am having trouble logging in or have forgottenmy password. What do I do?

Clickhere and enter your email address to have your password resent.If you are still having problems, please send an email to

Fetish Factory

What is Fetish Factory?

Fetish Factory is a unique retail clothing store located inFort Lauderdale, FL with the most comprehensive fetish inventory youwill find anywhere under one roof. We are a single, independently-ownedmom n’ pop store under the same ownership since the beginning, andwe operate one of the largest and most popular fetish-oriented storesanywhere in the world. If you are in the area, please come in and seewhat we are all about.We also sell advance discount tickets to Alter Ego fetish parties atFetish Factory.

How do I contact Fetish Factory?

You can call Fetish Factory at 954-563-5777 or email Factory is located at 855 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale,FL 33334.

What are Fetish Factory’s store hours?

Fetish Factory’s showroom is open M-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm. Officeis open weekdays 11am-7pm. Fetish Factory is closed on Christmas,Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Easter, New Years Day and MemorialDay. FF is occasionally closed for two days in early November or earlyJune for store inventory.The Fetish Factory onlinestore is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service foronline orders is available weekdays from 11am-7pm. Expedited shippingis available.

How do I get a job with Fetish Factory?

Please contact or drop by the store to fill out a job application. We are always lookingto hire great people.

I am a vendor. How do I wholesale to Fetish Factory?

We at Fetish Factory pride ourselves as Florida’s leader in fetishinventory and we are always looking for great, new merchandise. Pleasecontact to make an appointment. We do have limited space so we pick our merchandisevery carefully.

Recent Site Features & Functionality

RSVP Status & “Poke” Feature

When viewing another member’s profile, you will see if they haveRSVP’d to the next event or not. If a member has not yet RSVP’d,you can click on the link that says “Send Me An Invitation Now” onthe front page of their profile. The will hopefully instigate theirattendance at the party as well as encorage them to look at yourprofile so you might know a little something about each other beforethe party even starts! Want to get in touchahead of time? We encourageyou to sign up a paid membership which allows you to exchange messageswill all members regardless of their membership level.

Erotic Stories

Do you have a way with words? An overactive imagination? We haverecently added an “erotic stories” section where you can add yourown erotic fiction or real-life stories. Browse creative posts byother members. This is located in the top menu under “extras”. Youmust be logged in to use this feature.

Ride and Hotel Sharing

Coming from out of town? Need a ride? Looking to splitgas and tolls? Want to split costs on a hotel room? If you are brazenand interested in possibly splitting costs and meeting new fetish-mindedfriends, this is the way to do it! Hook up with like-minded fetishistson the ride and hotel sharing page. This is located in the top menuunder “member menu”. You must be logged in to use this feature.


Whatever you are looking for, there’s probably someone else out therelooking for you. If you want to hook it up, our classifieds sectionis the place to do it. This is located in the top menuunder “member menu”. You must be logged in to use this feature.

Membership-level shield

Each member has an icon on the main page of their profile showingif they are a basic or paid member. The text next to this “shield”icon will state whether they are a basic or premium member. You canalso use our search functionality to find paid members.Want to learn more about site features and functionality? Visit our features page.

Alter Ego Fetish Party

Who attends Alter Ego fetish parties?

People from all walks of life: every sexuality, every color, everyechelon of society describes someone who attends our party. Doctorsand lawyers mix with people who deliver your mail and people who serveyou food at a restaurant. Our youngest partygoers are 18 (or 21 atsome nightclubs) and our oldest are probably in their 80s, and we haveeveryone in between. Also, another thing that is interesting and unusualabout our parties is that there are more girls than guys. For somereason, this seems to be a scene where girls are generally more comfortablethan guys, specifically when it comes to our fetish dress code.This is a different sort of club experience from the usual nightclubsin South Florida. At a fetish party, it doesn’t matter how much moneyyou have or what sort of car you drive. Many people attend our partiesin order to escape from the burdens and mundanities of their regularlife and put on a completely new persona for the night. This is whywe have named our parties Alter Ego.The thing that all of these people have in common is that they loveto dress up, they love to see and be seen, and they love to flirt andbe social with each other.

What is an Alter Ego fetish party like?

Our parties are all about the glam fashion. Dressing up and being seenis what it’s all about. Our attendees also love to dance, flirt andsocialize. The dress code is also an important part of our party andits success over the years. The most similar thing to our party is theRubber Ball in the UK and there is nothing truly like Alter Ego in theStates. Our party has to be seen to be believed.

Is Alter Ego a bdsm night?

Sort of, but not entirely. Our party is more fetish-glam thanbdsm. There are bdsm and leather bar nights in South Florida, butour party is a different breed. Our parties have a bdsm contingencyand scene players do attend and enjoy our events, but the multitudeof our partygoers are glam pranksters, kinky club kids, and partypeople, etc. BDSM play is encouraged and does go on at our events.No offense to any of the local bdsm nights, but on average, our partiestend to have a younger, prettier crowd.

Do you have a dungeon at the party?

We do not have a specific “dungeon” but rather bondage equipmentspread out throughout the club. Players with an interest in bdsm canfeel free to use any equipment they like and safe, sane, consensualbdsm play is encouraged.

Do people have sex at the Alter Ego parties?

No. Alter Ego is not a swingersevent and sex is not allowed on premise. Inappropriate behavior willget you thrown out of the club and possibly arrested. We love sexas much as anyone, but save the best ’til you get home.If you are looking for a more extreme bdsm and players event, pleasevisit our sister site is a fetish community designed with more extreme play, hardcoreconsensual bdsm and crossover swinger lifestyles in mind.

Where can I learn more about the Alter Ego parties?

Visit the eventspage of this website for all the latest information about upcomingevents.

Lost & Found

If you attended one of our events and have either lost of found something,you can report this on our website. All you have to do is be loggedinto your profile and then run your mouse over the Top Link “Information”when you see the drop down menu click on “Lost & Found”.Please post what you have lost and/or have found.Also, please callGlenn at the store ASAP to see if the item has been reported found: 954-563-5777.Please do not announce your email address or phonenumber or your posting may be deleted per our rules. We ask you to dothis for security reasons and for your safety. When posting your lost& found please use contact and Fetish Factory’s owner Glenn will serve as mediator.We would prefer that the meeting place for recovering a lost item beat our shop Fetish Factory which is open 7 days a weekconveniently located in Fort Lauderdale. Our concern is yoursafety and we do not want people to be lured into meeting in a non-public,non-safe area when exchanging items.


It you have attended one of our Fetish parties and have a way withwords, we would love to hear your story. All you have to do is be loggedinto your profile and then run your mouse over the Top Link “Extras”when you see the drop down menu click on “Editorial”. Pleasetake a moment to share your experience after attending one of our events.Our members enjoy reading what your take was on the event and thosethat are unable to make it to our events enjoy living vicariously throughyou!


How do I purchase tickets to the Alter Ego parties?

Advance discount tickets are available at Fetish Factory usually fora month before an event (earlier for special events). Discount ticketsare available in the Fetish Factory retail store in advance. Ticketsare available through our online store or you may pay full-price fora ticket at the door.

How much do tickets cost?

Monthly party tickets are available to “earlybird” customersat the Fetish Factory retail store for 1/2-price (ONLY $10) for thefirst week after the previous event. After that first week, ticketsare $15 when purchased at the FF store in advance, $15 (+2.50 svc)when purchased through the Fetish Factory’s online store, or you canwait until the last minute and pay $20 at the door. The price for specialevents like Halloween or the Anniversary Parties may cost a bit more.Please consult the events page for ticket price information for specialevents.We recommend that you purchase your tickets at the FF store for yourdeepest discount. We are also offering a 10% discount on your totalat checkout when you stay to shop after buying any party ticket. [ readmore ]Our parties cost far less than almost every other fetish party inthe world. We enjoy a larger, more playful crowd from every socio-economicbackground and, because of this, our parties tend to carry a much higherenergy level. Keeping our advance discount ticket price at only $10-15since the inception of the event is our way of making sure that ourparty is affordable for everyone.

Can I get VIP?

We do not have a VIP. Our scene is very different than most othernightclub scenes in South Florida because we encourage the breakdownof all elitist & socio-economic separation. This has contributed tothe great energy and vibe of our party for over a decade and we aimto keep it that way.

How about bottle service?

A very limited amount of space in the club may be available for tablereservations with bottle service. Please email to inquire about bottle service at an event. Please note thatbottle service and table reservations are separate from admission sincebottle service is handled by the individual club and tickets are handledby Fetish Factory. Please reserve early to assure availability.

Fetish Dress Code

What is the fetish dress code?

You have to dress the part to get in. This generally means dressingsexy, but in a kinky way. Our dress code is strictly enforced toassure that the club is a complete fetish fantasyland as soon as youcome in the door.When considering what to wear to an event, dress sexy, be bold, becreative, go over the top, and most of all have fun! Latex, vinyl,leather, corsets and fishnets are all excellent options. Please visitthe party galleries on this site to see what sort of clothing is allowed.If this is your first time going to a fetish party, you may feel abit odd before you get to the club, but believe us when we say thatthe more wild you dress, the more at home you will feel once you stepin the door of the party.

What if I don’t own those clothes?

Fetish Factory sells everything you could ever need and our knowledgeablestaff will be happy to assist you in putting together a fun and uniqueoutfit that you will fall in love with.If you are on a budget, there are still options. Guys:pick up a pair of black vinyl pants and wear a fishnetshirt with some boots and youshould get in no problem. Girls: put on some highheels, stockings, & lingerie -anything that you have that is sexy and sort of slutty.Many peopleof the do-it-yourself mantrabuild their own fantastic fetish outfits. Innovation and creativityis strongly encouraged in our scene as well, and some of the best andmost memorable outfits are definitely homemade!A vanilla exception to our dress code is to wear a tuxedo, but thisis not recommended. The wilder you dress the better, and once you areinside the party you will understand why.

What sort of things are not allowed?

Jeans, sneakers, regular clubwear, and all-black streetwear are notallowed.

Is nudity allowed?

No. The nightclub does not have a license for nudity. Our securityguards patrol the club to make sure that there is no nudity. At minimum,ladies should wear electrical tape over their nipples and guys shouldcover up their junk.

What if I don’t want to dress up?

You won’t get in. Even if you purchased a ticket in advance, youstill have to dress the part to get in the door. Our dress code policeat the door will send you home to try again.

Can’t I just slide them $100 at the door and justget in without having to dress up?

Absolutely not. Heavy-handed techniques like this may work on SouthBeach, but at our parties, you will never get into the door by tryingto bribe the dress code person. They will be very offended, you willfeel like an ass, and they will ask you to leave.

Party Galleries

How do I view the party galleries?

You can view a few photos before you have to log in. Members who arelogged in have full access to the party galleries. If you are not amember, you may register a profile for free.

Do I have to click “next” on every photo?

We have created slideshow technology that shows you the entire galleryso you can kick back with a drink in your hand instead of a keyboardand mouse while you check out the pics. Slideshows also have largerimage sizes with better detail than the images in our regular galleries.This tremendous functionality is available only to platinum membersand is a big perk to paid membership!

How do I get my photo taken at a party?

Authorized photographers wear photo passes at the parties. Go up toany photographer and let them know that you would like to have yourpicture taken. They will be happy to take your photo.

What if I don’t want my picture taken at a party?

That’s no problem. Just put your hand up to say “stop” andour photographers will be sure to not take your picture. If they havealready taken your photo, simply ask them to delete the photo and theywill be happy to do so.

My photo is up on the party gallery and I would likeit deleted. What do I do?

Right-click on the photo(s) and select “properties”. Copythe URL of the file(s) and paste this URL in an email to Glenn at with a request to delete and a short explanation. We will be happy toremove your photo. You may also call Glenn at 954-563-5777.

Model & Photographer Galleries

Do you charge for access to model andphotographer galleries?

No. All photographer & model gallery areas of the site are free, butyou must be logged in to view them in full. Model and photographergalleries will always be free for registered members with completedprofiles.

I am a fetish model or photographer and would liketo have a gallery on Alter Ego. What do I do?

We do not pay or charge for our showcase galleries. They are hostedfor free on our site with links to drive traffic to the site of yourchoice. We also will send a notification to our 30,000+ strong listto let our fetish friends know about your contribution to our site.Before sending us any photos, take a look at the existing galleriesand have a look at what we expect from models as far as content.We are looking for at 25-30 photos from differentshoots to show the variety and diversity of your portfolio,preferably fetish by nature. We would also like a short bio and a linkto your primary website. Please feel free to email questions and samplesof your work to also require that you add a text and/or banner link back to some of our websites and we in turn will add a reciprocal linkfor your website which can be accessed from our family of websites.Please add a text and or banner link to our websites. If you plan toadd banner links, please email for our banners.


I have a question that is not addressed here.

Please send a descriptive email to