Lou Lou D'vil

Finland’s entertainment star LouLou D’vil, admired as the #1 burlesque figure in the world and Miss Exotic World – Queen of Burlesque 2013, has tantalized audiences all around the world since 2008. She has toured the globe more than 17 times and graces the Fetish Factory stage once again to deliver her jaw dropping fetish glam and burlesque performances. She is known for her fierce and passionate way of performing and high-end, attention to detail costuming.

Marlo Marquise

Nicknamed “Le Chic Freak” and “The Risk in Risque” by Bizarre Magazine, this Showgirl Fakir is well-known for performing innovative acts such as “Burlesque on Hooks” and “Stairway to Machetes”. World traveling Showgirl and Impalement Artist, Marlo Marquise brings you her own modern style of old school sideshow skills with a mix of glamour, femininity, and energy. She was mentored by some of the greats in sideshow history, and has performed for audiences all over the US and the world.

Shar Zayn

This newbie to the Fetish Factory circuit has mesmerized and astounded you with her areal feats, and she's back to shock you once more! Known across the country for her physical prowess on the pole, and her mastery of the areal ring, Shar Zayn is sure to enthrall our Fetish Weekend attendees- she enjoys a captive audience after all.

Jean Bardot

Jean Bardot is a high energy, positive attitude, super talented and experienced fetish actress and model who lives to create amazing fetish print, Web and film projects. She has starred in hundreds of fetish movies, thousands of video clips and been featured in every major fetish/kink publication. She enjoys performing and is known for tantalizing audiences all over the world with her spectacular fetish shows.

Nicole Halliwell

This cross-dressing, makeup brush wielding, show-stopping, insult slinging drag queen has been entertaining the masses for over a decade! Nicole Halliwell is known for her irresistibly irreverent observational humor, vicious and perverted one-liners, and unrelenting filthy wit. Nicole delivers side-splitting laughs weekly to South Florida audiences, and national audiences at conventions and on television.