Strict Fetish Dresscode

We command the following attire at our fetish events

  • Latex/Rubber
  • Leather
  • Wetlook
  • Vinyl/PVC
  • Spandex/Nylon
  • Uniforms
  • Goth
  • Kinky Drag
  • Fursona/Otherkin

Absolutely NO JEANS or All-black Streetwear / Regular Clubwear!
If you do not adhere to our dress code then you will be denied admission even if you have purchased a ticket in advance. Dress up or stay home!

As of Sept 2011, "ultra-formal" has been removed from the dresscode. This means NO simple tuxedos or gowns allowed. If it looks like you rented it from the Men's Warehouse, you won't make the cut.

HOWEVER, if you wear a period-piece tux or a steampunk style tuxedo, you've definitely made the cut. In fact, this unique fashion is strongly encouraged!

If you have any questions about the dresscode, please email

What is the fetish dress code?

You have to dress the part to get in. This generally means dressing sexy, but in a kinky way. Latex, vinyl, leather, corsets and fishnets are all excellent options. Please visit the party galleries on this site to see what sort of clothing is allowed.

If this is your first time going to a fetish party, you may feel a bit odd before you get to the club, but believe us when we say that the more wildly you dress, the more at home you will feel once you step through the door of the party.

Why a dress code? Why not just let everybody in?

Our party is different because it has a fantasy sort of atmosphere - everyone is dressed up and everyone looks amazing. The mundanities and boring conventions of the outside vanilla world are left at the door. Letting everyone in regardless of what they are wearing would make this party just like any other, and we assure you - this is not your standard boring nightclub event.

It's this pure, over-the-top vibe that has made the party successful over the years and given it a staying power.

Our dresscode assures that you will get the sort of eye candy that only a FF party can guarantee.

What if I don't own those clothes?

Fetish Factory sells everything you could ever need. If you don't have a lot of money, there are still options. A fun thrift store will probably have some outfits that work, or better yet, if you have a friend that dresses in funky clothes, just borrow an outfit from them. Go to their place and dig through their wardrobe.

What is the bare minimum I need to do to meet the dresscode requirements?

If you are trying to meet a bare minimum, you are missing the point of our party. Try to go as crazy as possible. It will make sense after you get to the party.

Guys who are first-timers tend to have more trouble playing our game and adhering to the dress code for some reason. If you are a guy, pick up a pair of black vinyl pants and wear a fishnet shirt with some boots and you should get in no problem. If possible, you should really try to push the envelope and dress much more over-the-top than this.

The wilder you dress the better, and once you are inside the party you will understand why. A good guideline is to dress as over the top as possible - wild colors, shiny material, colorful makeup, wild hair, big boots, etc...

What sort of things are not allowed?

Jeans, regular clubwear, white sneakers / tennis shoes and all-black streetwear are not allowed.

Is there any nudity?

No. The nightclub does not have a license for nudity. Our security guards patrol the club to make sure that there is no nudity. Girls must have opaque coverage of their breasts, buttocks and genital region. Guys must have opaque coverage of their buttocks and genitals.

What if I don't want to dress up?

You won't get in. Even if you purchased a ticket in advance, you still have to dress the part to get in the door. Our people at the door will tell you to go home and try again.

Can't I just slide them $100 at the door and just get in without having to dress up?

No! Absolutely not. Heavy-handed bribes and techniques like this may work on South Beach or other such vanilla events, but at our parties, you will never get into the door by trying to pay off the dress code person. They will be very offended, you will feel like an ass, and they will ask you to leave.

Get dressed up and have fun with it. This is important. Our dresscode wasn't developed to frustrate you - it is intended to inspire you to be as creative as possible.

If you have read this far and still have a question about our dresscode, please email Glenn.