What is Fetish Factory?

Fetish Factory’s identity can be summed up in three words- Store, Party & Community! We have been a staple in the fetish community in South Florida since we first opened our doors in 1995. Since then we have grown into the fetish giant we are today. Fetish Factory has become a major influencer, known around the world for our strict dress code fetish parties; our brick and mortar showroom in sunny Ft Lauderdale and online store featuring high-end fetish couture; and for providing spaces for like-minded kinksters to meet and connect. With decades in the alternative lifestyle under our belt, we are The Original Kink™ since 1995.


Where is the store located?
855 E Oakland Park Blvd, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334. Take I-95 to East Oakland Park Blvd (Exit 31). The store is just 2 miles east of I-95 on the left (north) side of the street just after NE 6th Ave.
What are the store’s hours?
Current Store Hours

Monday - Thursday : 11AM - 7PM
Friday - Saturday: 11AM - 8PM
Sunday: 12PM - 6PM

Showroom closed on all major holidays:
+ New Years Day
+ Easter Sunday
+ Memorial Day
+ 4th of July
+ Thanksgiving
+ Christmas Day

Accurate hours can be found on our Google Page.
Is the store closed for holidays?

The Fetish Factory showroom is closed on the following days every year:
New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
There may be limited hours on other days such as Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc. Accurate hours can be found on our Google Page.

What is sold at the store?

Fetish Factory sells an array of alternative clothing, lingerie, latex, PVC, and wet-look fashions, footwear and a whole host of unique accessories. We also sell BDSM gear and equipment like rope, cuffs, metal restraints, impact weapons, medical devices, puppy play hoods, and pony play gear as well! And if that wasn’t good enough, we also have a selection of toys including Hitachi magic wands, strap on gear, extreme insertables, and latex inflatables. You can view everything our showroom has to offer in our online store.

Can items be tried on in the store?

Most non-intimate, non-packaged items can be tried on in the fitting rooms as long as you are wearing underwear. If trying on latex, we will ask you to use baby powder and to remove any jewelry that might puncture or tear the latex. Please note: Fetish Factory has a strict “break it; buy it” policy so please be respectful and take your time trying on our gear, and ask for help from our sales associates if you need it.

What is the return policy?

All Refunds & returns, regardless of reason, are at the discretion of management. Please check our exchange and return policy of eligible items. All returns and exchanges of items have to be new, un-worn, & with original tags attached. Latex items must be tried on with powder and are only eligible for return, if they have not been conditioned, lubed or shined. For orders older than 14 days a 15% restocking fee will be applied. A RMA number request must be initiated by contacting store@fetishfactory.com .Write the RMA number on your invoice & outside of the package when you return this item. A return label can be provided and will be deducted from the total refund amount. Insure your package with the value amount of the item. Fetish Factory is not responsible for packages lost, when shipped to us. You will receive a credit, once the return has been inspected & accepted.

I want something that’s not in stock. Can you order it for me?

We try to accommodate all of our customers. If you want something in a specific color or size, or if you just can’t find an item anywhere, we will do our best to get it for you. You can email info@fetishfactory.com with your request, or come into the showroom to fill out an item request form.

Can I order something online and pick it up in-store?

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering in-store pickup for items purchased in our online store.

Does Fetish Factory have a loyalty program?

Yes! It’s currently available for in-store customers only, but we are working on a way to integrate it with our online store as well.

What discounts does Fetish Factory offer?

We are partners with SDC and offer a 10% discount to all SDC members. You must be wearing an official SDC bracelet to be offered 10% discount.
If you buy a ticket to one of our parties in-store (cash only) you’ll receive 10% off the rest of your purchase. (Restrictions apply)

I am a vendor. Can I sell my goods through Fetish Factory?

We are very selective about the products we sell in our store. If you think your products meet the Fetish Factory standard, send an email to our wholesale buyer at Donna@FetishFactory.com.



What events does Fetish Factory offer?

The second Saturday of every month we host our Alter Ego Fetish Party. Alter Ego is our trademarked glam style fetish play and dance event hosted at premier alt-lifestyle friendly full-liquor nightclubs in and around the Ft Lauderdale area. On top of custom lighting and video, every party has live DJs, plenty of shared dungeon equipment, and go-go dancers to complete the atmosphere. We also have performances by internationally renowned fetish performers from all over the world at our larger events.
In addition to our monthly fetish parties, twice a year we host the Xtreme Fetish Party aka XFP. We encourage only hardcore players to attend this intimate event. We limit the number of tickets sold to just 250- first come, first serve.
We also have special events like our Halloween Fetish Ball, Not / New Year’s Eve Fetish Party, Champagne Showroom, and— most notoriously— our 5-day, 10-party Florida Fetish Weekend hosted over Memorial Day Weekend. Attendees from over 40 countries around the globe flock to South Florida every year to indulge in internationally acclaimed fetish performers, a 100% pure fetish hotel takeover, and so much more! Fetish Factory boasts the largest monthly strict dress code fetish event in North America and the top most connected Fetish Weekend in the world!

Where do these parties take place?

We host all of our events at premier alt-lifestyle friendly nightclubs in and around the Ft Lauderdale area. Where exactly these parties take place will change from party to party. Information about our latest party can be found here on our fetish party page.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in our showroom 7 days a week (cash only). If you purchase tickets in-store, you can enjoy 10% off the rest of your purchase. You can also get your tickets online and pick them up at event will call (we never ship tickets). Tickets can also be purchased at the doors of the club, but they will always cost more!

When is the latest tickets are sold?

Tickets are sold all the way up to the day of the event. Online ticket sales end at 5pm for our monthly events and often 1-2 days prior to the event for our larger special events. In-store tickets are sold until the store closes the day of the party, and tickets at the door will be available the whole night.

How much is the online processing fee for tickets?


Will my tickets be shipped to me?

No! Fetish Factory will NEVER ship tickets of any kind under any circumstances.

How do I get my tickets?

The cardholder must be present to collect tickets at will call. Must present a valid photo ID that matches the name on the ticket order, as well as the credit card used to purchase the tickets. Tickets will be available at will call the day of the event. Special events like Florida Fetish Weekend have several days with special times to collect will call tickets and are always available at the door of the club all night long.

What if the cardholder can’t pick them up?

We will only release tickets to the person who bought them. Please plan for this, as we will never make exceptions. If someone is buying your tickets for you, plan to have them present to pick them up. Tickets are never transferable until the cardholder as secured tickets and then the cardholder may share the tickets with whoever they wish. If the cardholder cannot pick up the tickets, they will not be released to anyone else and you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the tickets. If this is the case for you, we suggest you request for a cancellation and refund to the cardholder and you may sort out internal transfer of money so that you can buy your own ticket and save the trouble.

Where is will call?

Will call will be by the entrance of the club. The exception to this is during Florida Fetish Weekend where will call starts the Wednesday of the weekend event at the Fetish Factory showroom and are also available at the hotel lobby on Thursday & Friday.

What’s the dress code?

Acceptable attire is as follows: Latex/Rubber, Leather, Wetlook, Vinyl/PVC, Spandex/Nylon, Uniforms, Goth, Kinky Drag, and Fursona/Otherkin
Absolutely no jeans, streetwear of any kind (even all black), or regular club wear. We’re looking for unusual, provocative, kinky outfits- so get creative! And as a general rule of thumb, if you can get away with wearing it to brunch with your mother, you won’t get through the doors.
Dress up or stay home! Don’t let yourself down or our crowd! Even if you bought your tickets in advanced, you will be turned away if you don’t arrive in fetish attire. If you’re unsure if your outfit will meet the criteria, feel free to give us a call at (954) 563-5777 or send an email to Glenn@fetishfactory.com or Graphics@fetishfactory.com to ask!

Why is there a dress code?

Aside from creating an atmosphere and the obvious eye-candy, we believe that enforcing a dress code creates a level playing field. No one has to feel embarrassed about wearing fetish fashion if everyone else is too. It’s our way of making sure that everyone there is part of the scene, and didn’t just wander in by accident. This also is helpful when you accidentally bump into a co-worker or a friend who does not know about your Alter Ego!

What’s the bare minimum attire to make it through the door?

If you have to ask this, don’t bother coming. Our parties are not about the “bare minimum” anything. Raise your bar if you want to be let in. So If you’re new to the parties, or just don’t know where to start, stop by our showroom in sunny Ft Lauderdale, or give us a call and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

Is nudity allowed?

No. The venues we host our parties at do not allow for full nudity. Genitals of both men and women must be totally covered, and the nipple/areola of women must be covered as well.

Is there a coat check?

At all of our events there will be a $2 coat and bag check. It will typically be located by the doors of the venue.

What are the house rules or fetish etiquette at the fetish parties?

Here at Fetish Factory, we like to promote a safe, sane, and consensual environment for all of our party-goers. Please be familiar with our house rules as outlined below. Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking them. Everyone will be held accountable for their behavior.

  • No photography of any kind. Approved photographers will have a Fetish Factory Photopass.
  • If it’s not yours, don’t touch it – this goes for both people and gear.
  • No sex or simulated sex. (If it looks like sex, then it’s sex.)
  • No drugs – don’t ask for them; don’t sell them.
  • No edge play. This includes breath play, blood play, fire play, knife play, etc.
  • No watersports or scat
  • Use common sense and don’t be a dick! Some things go without saying, just be respectful to other party-goers and to our staff.
Are these parties similar to a dungeon?

Our fetish parties are just that- a party. While there are a lot of parallels between our events and a typical dungeon, it’s important to understand the differences. For one, our parties have alcohol; which dungeons never have. Mainly, our parties are less protocol-based and more about fashion and having fun.  We do not use dungeon masters so we ask that everyone share and everything must always be safe and consensual.

Are there table reservations?

Most of the venues we host our events at offer some form of table reservation which require bottle service. For availability and reservations, please send an email with your contact info, number in your party, and what you’d like to drink to Donna@fetishfactory.com.

What else can I expect at these parties?

Fetish Factory host parties like none other in the world, from Alter Ego to Florida Fetish Weekend and every party in between. On top of world-class DJs, dancers, and performers, you can expect to find your fetish family with us. Our community is full of friendly and genuine kinksters that are at the heart and core of our fetish parties. Behind all the glitz and glam, there are real people that share a mutual interest- kink. Whether it’s the latex lover from Amsterdam, or the newbie from Milwaukie, or the Flo-grown club kid, you’re sure to find someone to dance, play, or share a drink with.

Is there a lost and found?

If you find something at an event, you can give it to one of the Fetish Factory Staff members at the event, or drop it off at the showroom in the morning. If you lost something at an event, call the store the next day and send a detailed email to Glenn@fetishfactory.com. We will do everything we can to get lost items back to their rightful owner.

How can I get help at the parties?

If there is an emergency, or you just need some cling-on to leave you alone, our Staff Members are easy to find. They will be in all black (not fetish wear) wearing “STAꟻF” shirts. They are typically stationed near the bathrooms, private booths, and doors to any club, as well as at least one continually walking around. For our larger parties at venues with many rooms, there will be at least one Staff Member in every main room.
If you have any concerns, feel free to bring it up to them, even if it seems small. We would much rather be made aware of something and it turn out to be nothing, than be unaware of something and it ending up being a situation. The Staff are paid members of the community that are there for your safety. They’re looking out for the safety and security of everyone at the event, so please respect them and listen to what they tell you.

How can I view the party galleries?

Simply log into you Fetish Factory account to gain access to ALL of our galleries! Don't have an account with us? Well your in luck! You can create your membership right here to access galleries.

How long does it take for galleries to be processed?

Galleries can take up to two weeks to be processed. Once galleries are posted, there will be an announcement on social media.

I don’t want my photos posted online! What do I do?

At the events, go and introduce yourself to the photographers and let them know you don’t want your picture taken. You can also put your hand in front of your face to signal to them that you don’t want to be photographed. If a photographer already took you photo, you can ask that they delete it. Our photographers are members of the community and are understanding and respectful of everyone’s privacy.
If your photos already made it onto Fetishfactory.com, please send an email to Glenn@fetishfactory.com and CC Graphics@fetishfactory.com. In the email send us links to the individual photos you want removed, and a photo of yourself or what you were wearing so we can verify we’ll be deleting the correct photos. We understand that our patrons value their privacy and some simply cannot afford to have their faces on our site. We will do our best to accommodate everyone should the need arise. 

What happened to the old Alter Ego & XFP websites?

Our old social network sites are a thing of the past. Due to waning engagement on the old sites, we chose to consolidate everything onto our main site, Fetishfactory.com. Currently, members can only view galleries, but we hope to soon have more exciting features. 

Bought tickets in-store but lost them, can I still attend?
Unfortunately our physical ticketing policy requires that tickets be in-hand to receive party entry if purchased in-store.
If physical tickets are lost, you will have to repurchase to gain entry to the event.


Does Fetish Factory have social media?

Absolutely! You can follow Fetish Factory on LinkTree, Twitter, Instagram, Fetlife, SDC, and like Fetish Factory’s page and the Florida Fetish Weekend page on Facebook.

How do I work for the Fetish Factory store?

Come into the showroom and fill out an application. We look for temps twice a year for the weeks surrounding Florida Fetish Weekend and the Halloween Fetish Ball.

I’m an entertainer (i.e., performer, dancer, DJ). How do I work a party?

Send an email of your work (Soundcloud link, performance video, etc.) and your contact info to Glenn@fetishfactory.com. If we’re interested, we’ll reach out to you.

How do models/photographers get Fetish Factory to use their photos?

We team up with both prominent and up-and-coming fetish models and photographers for our flyers and promotional material. These models and photographers offer us their photos in exchange for having their work and names exposed to a global fetish audience. Mutual promotion; mutual benefit.
If you are a model or photographer that’s interested, send an email with your portfolio to Glenn@fetishfactory.com.

I own a club. How do I get Fetish Factory to host an event there?

If you have an event space that meets our needs, send an email to Glenn@fetishfactory.com to discuss having an event there.

Will Fetish Factory sponsor my event/brand?

No. We aren’t doing sponsorships of any kind at this time.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

If you have any questions not addressed above, feel free to come into our showroom, or give us a call at 954-563-5777. You can also send an email to info@fetishfactory.com.