Alter Ego Event Etiquette

We want to make sure everyone is clear about the rules. Our event is held in a public alcohol-serving nightclub and anything that is illegal on the street is also illegal in the club. These rules apply not only to our event, but to pretty much every alcohol-serving nightclub in the United States. Stupid, irresponsible actions can jeopardize the event, the licenses of the nightclub, and can really ruin the night for everyone. Please don’t be selfish and disrespectful and please use common sense when partying.


Behavioral rules:

NO NUDITY – this means no frontal nudity (genitals must be covered). Also, we ask that women cover their breasts. Although nudity is not allowed, we encourage you to wear sexy, provocative outfits.

NO SEX – this means no vaginal, oral, anal or otherwise (no fucking or sucking) and no simulated sex (looks like sex to someone else but no sex is actually happening… it can still get you and us in trouble). No masturbation (yourself or anyone else) or simulated masturbation (such as touching through clothes). This could be construed as lewd and lascivious behavior or deemed obscene, so save the best part for when you get home!

NO DRUGS – Having, using, buying or selling drugs in the club will get you arrested and you’ll end up wearing your fetishwear to jail. Undercover cops have been known to hang out at the party occasionally, so don’t risk it. You’ve been warned.

NO WEAPONS – We do not allow lethal or potentially dangerous weapons such as guns, explosives, or flame-throwing devices at the party. We also do not allow any bladed weapons whatsoever. Edge play is not allowed for safety reasons. Bullwhips are also strictly prohibited. Floggers, paddles, thongs, short single-tails and other more controlled torment devices are allowed as long as they are not dangerous to the wellfare of any partygoers.

RESTROOMS – the guys restroom is for guys, the ladies room is for ladies. They are not unisex. We have had issues with guys loitering in the ladies room in the past and wish to correct this. Please be respectful.

USE COMMON SENSE – Always have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself. This is still a fetish party after all. It is important to be respectful of the event and be sensible when partying.

Play Etiquette:

NO EDGE PLAY – Edge play (playing with knives) is not allowed at our event for safety reasons. Knives and other bladed weapons (sharp or dull) are not allowed at our parties. Even though we think edge play is great and can be a lot of fun in a private setting, it is too dangerous to use knives for play in a public setting where people are consuming alcohol.

NO FIRE PLAY – We like fire play too, but it is also not allowed at our party for safety reasons.

CONSENSUAL PLAY – BDSM play is encouraged at our events but must be safe, sane, and consensual between players. It can also be fun, exciting and erotic without crossing the line of lewd and lascivious behavior. “Consensual” means asking, understanding, and receiving permission before engaging in play with someone else at the party.

DO NOT INTERRUPT– You should not interrupt or involve yourself physically or verbally in a scene in progress if you are not invited to do so. This means, for example, if there is a bondage scene being performed, it is inappropriate to barge in and spank the person who is tied up unless you have his or her consent as part of that scene.

EQUIPMENT SHARING – Alter Ego Events LLC provides bondage equipment fixtures and stations for community use during the party. We ask that public equipment is shared and available to all interested party guests over the course of the night.

Feel free to use all equipment provided, but we also ask that you float around the club to different stations over the course of the night as to not monopolize any one station. Monopolization or “hogging” of any single station is considered rude and selfish, besides variety is the spice of life! If someone is currently using a station that you would like to use, politely let them know (try not to interrupt their scene) and patiently wait until they are done before using the equipment.

Also, please respect the equipment by cleaning up after yourself. It is important to leave the equipment in the condition in which you found it so that everyone can enjoy it.

Basic rules:

NO CAMERAS – We do not allow outside cameras, cameraphones, video, or any sort of recording devices inside the club. If you are caught with a camera inside the club, it will be confiscated and you will be removed from the club without refund.

Authorized event photographers carry visible photo passes. If you see one, approach them and they will be more than happy to take your picture. You can see your photos on the Alter Ego website usually about a week after the event. If you do not want your picture taken, just let them know and they will be respectful by either deleting any photo taken of you or by not taking your photo in the future.

OBEY THE DRESS CODE – If you don’t obey our dress code, you won’t get in, simple as that. Also, try not to just do the minimum to get in, although technically it is acceptable. The wilder and more creative you are with your outfit, the more fun you will have at the party, we promise!

The rules are pretty simple. Knowing and understanding the rules of our event will help to get everyone on the same page about what does and what does not go on at our fetish parties. It will also insure that we are able to keep holding quality events every month for your enjoyment.