What is Florida Fetish Weekend?
Florida Fetish Weekend (FFW) is Fetish Factory’s anniversary celebration. In May of 2024, Fetish Factory will be celebrating 29 years in fetish over the course of Memorial Day Weekend. Fetish Factory will be hosting a 5 day, 8 party, 100% PURE FETISH hotel takeover at the 4 star Sheraton All Suites Hotel in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Every year, kinksters from around the globe gather for a fetish event like none other. Unlike a convention or fetish fashion show, FFW is centered around our fetish community with strict dress code fetish parties, play at all events with dungeon equipment. We will be kinkin’ it up under the glass roof Atrium and poolside at the amazing tropical oasis of Sheraton Suites hotel.
When is it?
Memorial Day Weekend (US) May 22-26 2024 – 5 days 8 parties
Where is it?
Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA at the world-class hotel, Sheraton All Suites Hotel, Fort Lauderdale.
What is the Sheraton Hotel address?
555 NW 62nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Take I95 to Cypress Creek Rd (exit 33). Head west and Sheraton is just West of I-95 on the North side of the road. FREE parking everywhere all weekend.
So is this a giant sex party?
Absolutely not. What happens in the hotel rooms between consenting adults is their business, but sex of any kind in public areas is completely and totally out of the question.
What are the house rules?
Here at Fetish Factory, we like to promote a safe, sane, and consensual environment for all of our party-goers. Please be familiar with our house rules as outlined below. These rules apply for all public areas and shared spaces.

1. No photography of any kind. Approved photographers will have a Fetish Factory Photopass.
2. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it – this goes for both people and their belongings.
3. No sex or simulated sex. (If it /looks/ like sex, then it’s sex.)
4. No drugs – don’t ask for them; don’t sell them.
5. No edge play. This includes fire play, breath play, blood play, knife play, etc.
6. No watersports or scat.
7. Use common sense and don’t be a dick! Some things go without saying, just be respectful to other party-goers and to our staff.
7. B. Not a rule, but something to keep in mind. Even in your rooms, someone is going to have to clean up after you leave. Remember they are vanillas! They’ve been through enough over the weekend without the aftermath scaring them for life. (Not to mention, any damages will be charged to your card.)

Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking them. Everyone will be held accountable for their behavior. Period. If you break the rules, you may be removed from the event and face being barred from future events as well. And no, you will not get your money back if we have to kick you out.
How can I take photos?
Photos are able to be taken OUTSIDE of our main ticketed official events! Otherwise, please leave it to our photographers! If you are a photographer and want to take photos at our event, talk to Glenn when he’s booking you about getting a Photopass. Bear in mind that we are very selective about the people we let take photos, not everyone that asks will get a pass. Please contact Glenn here for more info: Glenn@fetishfactory.com
What if I want my photo taken?
Just ask! All our photographers are members of the community too, and they love capturing everyone having fun and being outrageous!
What if I DON'T want my photo taken?
At the events, go and introduce yourself to the photographers and let them know you don’t want your picture taken. You can also put your hand in front of your face to signal to them that you don’t want to be photographed. If a photographer already took your photo, you can ask that they delete it.

If your photos already made it onto Fetishfactory.com, please send an email to Glenn@fetishfactory.com and CC Graphics@fetishfactory.com. In the email send us links to the individual photos you want removed, and a photo of yourself or what you were wearing so we can verify we’ll be deleting the correct photos.
How do I view photos of the event?
Photos will be posted in albums at Fetishfactory.com/galleries. Party attendees will simply need to login or create an account in order to access photos.
How long will it take for galleries to be published?
The photo galleries can take up to two weeks to be processed.

No need to ask us when the galleries will be posted, we won’t forget! We will notify everyone via direct email and on our social channels as galleries become available! And if they are late, hassle your photographers. It’s all their fault.
Is there a dress code?
All of our official events require the following attire: Latex/Rubber, Leather, Wetlook, Vinyl/PVC, Spandex/Nylon, Uniforms, Goth, Kinky Drag, and Fursona/Otherkin Absolutely no jeans, streetwear of any kind (even all black), or regular club wear. We’re looking for unusual, provocative, kinky outfits- so get creative! And as a general rule of thumb, if you can get away with wearing it to brunch with your mother, you won’t get through the doors. Even if you bought your tickets in advance, you will be turned away if you don’t follow dress code. At the Pervy Pool Party, we will except the above mentioned attire as well as any provocative or erotic swimwear. MORE INFO
When is food & beverage served?
Thursday 4pm-9pm Buffett Dinner
2am-5am Pool BBQ and Bar

Friday 8am-12pm Breakfast Buffett
12pm-6pm Pool BBQ and Bar
12pm-8pm Restaurant Buffett / indoor Bar
2am-5am Pool BBQ and Bar

Saturday 8am-12pm Breakfast Buffett
12pm-8pm Restaurant Buffett / indoor Bar 11pm-5am- Pool BBQ & Bar, Indoor Bar

Sunday 8am-12pm Breakfast Buffett
1pm-7pm Pool BBQ and Pool Bar
12pm-8pm Restaurant Buffett / indoor Bar
11pm-5am- Pool BBQ & Bar, Indoor Bar

Monday Breakfast Buffett 7am-11am

The BBQ at Sheraton includes: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Fish, and a Vegan option.
What about Etiquette?
Absolutely NO Photography or Video at any of the OFFICIAL EVENTS including OFFSITE & ONSITE EVENTS.

Please make sure play is safe and consenual.

Rudeness or violence will not be tolerated towards any community members, hotel or FF staff.

NO Drugs; Do not ask for them / Do not sell them!

We have SECURED ALL DOORS of the hotel. Anyone caught attempting to bring in a non ticketed guest into the hotel... JUST DO NOT DO IT!

Violators will be removed and or banished and there will be no refund from the Hotel and or Fetish Factory.


What kinds of rooms are there and what are the rates?
Anyone who purchased an All Access Ticket is automatically added to our priority wait list in chronological order of when the ticket(s) were purchased!

Sheraton Rates are $179/ night + tax (6% FL hotel tax + 7% county tax). We have negotiated up to 4 people in a single room no extra charge.

All Rooms are the same with a 2 room suites and are available with 1 king or 2 full size beds. Handicap accessible rooms have 1 king bed.

There is a 4 core night booking minimum (May 23-26). additional nights can be added on before and after the core nights at the same rate. When Sheraton is sold out there is many hotels in the area – just do a google search for hotels near Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Cypress Creek.
How do I book a room?
First you need to buy your All Access Pass! Once your ticket order has been placed Fetish Factory will reach out to you or will invite you to call Fetish Factory to book a room. We will reach out to All Access Pass holders in the order in which tickets were purchased. To make the booking process faster, please send an email to store@fetishfactory.com with information regarding room placement, number of people, number of beds requested, and dates of stay. There is a 4 core night min May 23-24-25-26
What if I miss your call? Can I still get a room?
If you miss our call, we will leave a voicemail. Just call us back at your earliest convenience. You can also email store@fetishfactory.com to get the ball rolling on the booking process. If we have attempted to reach you to book via phone and / or email 3 times we will skip past you and continue to book all subsequent All Access Pass holders.
At this point in the game, you will receive a voicemail and then be skipped.
We leave it us to you to call Fetish Factory to book a room.
What is the minimum stay for FFW attendees?
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 23-24-25-26) are our four core nights required to book a room at the host hotel. Guests are of course welcome to extend their stay by adding dates prior to May 25 and after May 28.
What’s the payment schedule for the hotel rooms?
At this time we have passed early options to pay as you go and as of March 1, 2023 the hotel is deemed a NON-REFUNDABLE prepay. Payment for nights are due at the time of booking.
What’s the cancellation policy for the hotel?
What happens when the Sheraton Ft Lauderdale is fully booked?
There are many other hotels in the area! A quick search will surely render something that suits your needs!

We can add you to a waitlist for the host hotel on request, but there is no guarantee we will be able to place you.
Can I stay at the hotel without an All Access Pass?

Rooms are exclusively limited to people with All Access Passes. No exceptions.
Can I get access to the rest of the hotel without an All Access Pass?
We ONLY are offering Hotel Day Passes on FRIDAY MAY 24th for $40. You may purchase a pass at the entrance of the hotel from a Fetish Factory Hotel Associate.
What comes with the Hotel Day Pass?
The FRIDAY MAY 24th Hotel Day Pass includes all the amenities the hotel has to offer including the Atrium, fitness center, pool, bars & restaurants.

The Day Pass also allows visitation to a guest’s room, as long as the room guest escorts you upstairs. Day Passes also include the after parties for that FRIDAY night.
Where can I get a Hotel Day Pass?
You can buy the pass at the front door of the hotel where we have a man wearing a STAFF shirt to accommodate you.
How much are the Day / After Party Passes?
Daytime Passes - $40 and includes the After Party 3am-5am

After Party Passes are available for $30. We will host After Parties at Sheraton ONLY on Thursday May 23 & Friday May 24.



How much are All Access Passes?
The current Ticket price is $360 plus tax. A ticket fee of $2.50/ticket is applied to all online ticket purchases.
This year we are only selling the all access pass with transportation. Everyone gets it, but it’s up to you if you want to use it.
When and where can I get my All Access Pass?
All Access Passes are on sale now in our online store until Wednesday, May 22. After that, they will be available in our Fetish Factory showroom in-store April 15th at the door of each event - CASH ONLY.
How much are tickets a la carte?
The Wednesday Provocateur Fetish Social is a Free event!

However, Thursday - Sunday Tickets will be available starting April 1. This will be updated to reflect the ticket prices shortly after.

Please be advised we will also sell the tickets in our Fetish Factory Showroom 7 days a week (cash only) for $5 less.

Tickets for all events are available at the door for $5 more all night long.
When and where can I get a la carte tickets?
A la carte tickets are now available ONLINE until the start of each event. Tickets

They will be available in-store starting April 15th, and at the doors of each event.
How much is the online processing fee for tickets?
Fetish Factory charges a processing fee of $2.50 per ticket.

You can save $5 on every a la carte ticket plus a $2,50 ticket fee when you purchase your tickets in our showroom open 7 days a week!
Will my tickets be shipped to me?

Fetish Factory will NEVER ship tickets of any kind under any circumstances. PERIOD.
How do I get my tickets?
A la cart tickets purchased online will be emailed to you and you will need to present the QR code for admission All access tickets purchased online will need to be picked up at will call with Valid ID. The cardholder must go to "will call" with a valid photo ID that matches the name on the ticket order for who purchased the tickets. Tickets will be available at "will call" every day of the event according to our "will call" schedule
What if the cardholder can’t pick them up?
We will only release tickets to the person who bought them. Please plan for this, as we will never make exceptions. If someone is buying your tickets for you, plan to have them present to pick them up.

Tickets are never transferable.

If the cardholder cannot pick up the tickets, contact us immediately.
Please send an email to store@fetishfactory.com or call 954-563-5777 x 204
Where & When is will call?
Wednesday, 11am-8pm – Fetish Factory Showroom

Thursday, 11am-4pm – Fetish Factory Showroom; 5p-9p Sheraton Hotel Lobby

Will call will also be at the doors of all parties for the duration of the weekend.
What’s the cancellation policy for All Access Passes?
If for any reason you need to cancel, we understand. Please send an email to store@fetishfactory.com, and we will process your cancellation.


After March 1st, 2024 - No Refunds will be honored.



What events are going on for FFW?
You can view the full list of parties and events HERE.
Will there be transportation?
Yes! We have several luxury tour buses shuttling people between the Sheraton and offsite nightclubs on Thursday, Friday and Sunday night. We will also be offering a free shopping limo to FF.

Leaves Hotel every hour on the hour
Leaves Fetish Factory every 1/2 hour on the hour with last run back to Sheraton at 5:30pm.

The shopping limo will be active Thursday & Friday - 1pm-7pm.
What’s the shuttle schedule?
Shopping Limo Schedule:
Thursday & Friday – 1pm-7pm

The shopping limo is a Mercedes Sprinter van that will run continuously as outlined above. It will arrive at the Sheraton hotel on the hour, and at the Fetish Factory showroom on the half hour.

Party Bus Schedule:
Thursday, May 23 – UFFORIA Fetish Rave @ Kemistry Night Club | 9:45pm-3am
Friday, May 24 – 29th Anniversary Fetish Ball | 9:45pm-3am
Sunday, May 26 - 9pm-2am

We will have a fleet of full size 56 passenger tour busses running continuously throughout each party as outlined above. A bus will arrive on site every 10-15 minutes. Please be aware that party buses are for All Access Pass holders only!
What’s the dress code?
All of our official events require the following attire: Latex/Rubber, Leather, Wetlook, Vinyl/PVC, Spandex/Nylon, Uniforms, Goth, Kinky Drag, and Fursona/Otherkin

Absolutely no jeans, streetwear of any kind (even all black), or regular club wear. We’re looking for unusual, provocative, kinky outfits- so get creative! And as a general rule of thumb, if you can get away with wearing it to brunch with your mother, you won’t get through the doors. Even if you bought your tickets in advanced, you will be turned away if you don’t follow dress code.

Since Provocateur is a FREE social event, we ask just for relaxed fetish wear. At the Pervy Pool Party, we will except the above mentioned attire as well as any provocative or erotic swimwear.

Is nudity allowed?
Not in any public areas including, but not limited to, the hotel common areas; pool area, gym, and Atrium and each floor hallways. Everyone must have at least their genitals fully covered and at least pasties and thongs for the ladies.
Is there a coat check?

At all of our offsite events outside of Sheraton Hotel there will be a $2 coat and bag check.
Is there Table Reservations with Bottle Service ?
Yes, for our night events for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

For availability and reservations, please send an email with your contact info, number in your party, and what you’d like to drink to Donna@fetishfactory.com.

Drink menus are provided under the event dropdowns here for your convenience.
When will alcohol stop being served at Sheraton?

Wednesday - 2am
Thursday - 5am
Friday - 5am
Saturday - 5am
Sun - 3am