No outside photography is ever allowed, and we do NOT tolerate poor party conduct.


We are happy to announce our Lost Fetish Weekend as an event to salvage Memorial Day Weekend, May 2021. The Event is NOT to be confused with our infamous Florida Fetish Weekend 2022.

The Lost Fetish Weekend will be hosted May 28, 29 & 30, 2021 at Renaissance Hotel in Boca Raton! We unfortunately have been forced to postpone our mega-notorious Florida Fetish Weekend now 2 years in a row which is rescheduled for May 2022.

This event will be VERY EXCLUSIVE with ONLY 189 rooms and will limited to 500 attendees. Although our country is experiencing a positive trend with COVID vaccine rollout we remain guarded in our approach, and all events for this weekend will take place outside.

We are following the CDC guidelines allowing for a MASK-FREE event. According to the CDC and the WHO it is no longer necessary to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated. Mariott Hotels are also taking a stand by adhering to these guidelines set in place, not requiring masking within the premises. Those people who do choose to wear a mask will be respected and wearing a mask still remains optional and accepted at all events. The hotel will inform you of any active requirements upon checking in.

Our goal is to offer a special fetish event which will be 100% hotel based. This will be like taking a cruise to nowhere, where the ship is Renaissance Hotel where the ship never leaves the dock we are moored throughout the weekend locked in with our community for 3 days of kinky debauchery!

  • We will NOT have any limos to Fetish Factory!
  • We will NOT have tour busses!
  • We will NOT be hosting any offsite nightclub events!

What we will be doing is creating the most engagement ever by keeping the community held hostage at the hotel. You CAN EXPECT an amazing gathering for our events outside on the pool deck. We will be hosting day-club style festivities by the pool under the warm Florida sun and are encouraging Fetish Fashion 24/7 – day and night. We want to make this feel like we are hosting a house party where everyone has a room and people can jump room to room and explore from floor to floor.

You can wake up to Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s to get your day started. Enjoy a buffet style breakfast with open seating. Head out to the expansive posh pool area where we will have DJ’s spinning guest sets during the day. The hotel will be cooking up BBQ all day and there will be offers for a light lunch menu inside the restaurant.

The hotel will be serving from bars inside and out. The dining room will be available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We encourage everyone to stay and not leave to take an excursion offsite- we want you there for 100% of the event!

Music will be pumping! We expect our crowd in full fetish gear to enjoy the pool area and take time to enjoy the refreshing waters in your kinky latex outfit.

We have a fun, casual meet and greet planned for Friday. Come and go as you please! We suggest wearing something fetish, but we are looking for Friday night to be relaxed and for people to be comfortable, mingle, and catch up with your community. On Saturday and Sunday you can expect banging music, dancing, and plenty of play… yes, we will place our steel bondage equipment poolside during the day and at night all weekend long!

Our night time events will go till at least 3am with the DJ then we plan to go way down tempo with chill house and ambient music until 4am to allow people to wind down after the party. We need to move to down tempo due to sound ordinance so please know that we want people to continue to enjoy the pool area or hook up with a kinksters and go back to create a hotel room party.

Sunday afternoon from 1pm – 7pm we will host an explosive Pervy Pool Party where Fetish Dress IS REQUIRED and the only exceptions is seriously scantily clad creative swimwear where guests are encouraged to wear high heels or their favorite boots by the pool… keep it fresh and kinky!

This event is an experiment! This event is to reconnect with our fetish community, and we CAN’T WAIT to see you there! 


Since we are still concerned about COVID, we will NOT have an inside dungeon, but will have dungeon equipment by the pool Day & Night!

We encourage all guests to wear fetish attire all throughout the hotel and pool deck. However we do have the following guidelines. 

  • There is no nudity or public play allowed INSIDE the hotel common areas
  • On the pool deck, please have at least some covering over the genital area! Topless outfits and g-strings are allowed on the pool deck.
  • We are allowing public play throughout the weekend on the bondage equipment scattered throughout the pool area day and night


Free on-site parking is available around the entire perimeter of the hotel for registered guests.

Free Parking is also available for all partiers who do not have a room a the high-rise garage adjacent to the East side of the hotel.

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