Sinister Sisters, where WICKED meets WILD, so please don’t bring your child.
Entertainment with a TWIST, we’ve taken RocknRoll, a group of TALENTED women and turned it into a FIERY HOT Variety Show.

Incorporating Choreographed Dance numbers, Cirque Acts, audience interaction and whole lotta SEXY.

Sinister Sisters will be sure to have you at the edge of your seat, wanting more, and if you ask them right, they’ll be sure to give it to you!

Join us for a WILD performance you’ll never forget and the Sisters will have you leaving with a fetish you never knew you had.


Contessa Nicolette


Nicolette Fornasari is an eighth generation performer. Traveling the world and performing for countless shows in the US, Europe, South America, Canada, etc.

At the age of six she decided to dedicate her life to becoming an aerialist, she has traveled the world headlining shows such as Circus Krone in Munich Germany, Circus Vazquez, Circus Vargas, Cirque Italia, Carden International, Royal Caribbean, and as a professional aerialist for the past 25 years.

After performing for countless shows, Nicolette decided to take her love for the stage, dark arts, and her inner sexual demon and create The Sinister Sisters. “We aren’t just a show, we’re a community, we want everyone to feel loved, there are NO JUDGEMENTS here!

I have dedicated my life to performing, I’ve been the Disney Princess and the Sexy Vampire, I prefer to be the sexy vampire and just perform in a more sexual way, I wanted to stay true to who I was when creating Sinister Sisters, wild, crazy, dark, OVER THE TOP, push the envelope.

We’re unique and I couldn’t be more proud of this team of STRONG and TALENTED women.


Sister Alina

(Show Choreographer/Dancer)

Alina has been in the dance industry for over 19 years. Coming from Mexico City she has swept the world with her incredible choreography for musicians such as Paulina Rubio, JBalvin, Danna Paola, MTV Millenial Awards, tv shows and Billboard, etc.

As a studio owner she has taught thousands of people her unique style of dance, traveled the world choreographing and dancing for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Alina joined the Sinister Sisters in Jan 2020, having a similar dream, she has been nothing but dedicated and choreographing a one of a kind show.

Alina and Nicolette have become true Sisters, together they will take Sinister Sisters to a whole new level.


Sister Kristen

I was always a very shy, artsy, weird theatre girl, but on the stage I am truly at home. I have always enjoyed fully immersing myself into acting out different characters and bringing life and meaning to choreography while telling stories through dance. I found myself teaching Ballroom dancing briefly after many years of doing choreography, but could never find the same feeling of home within a group of performers.

Fast forward to now, I have had the honor & privilege of being welcomed into a group of unbelievably talented women (and some men too), the Sinister Sisters. Life gets hard and sometimes I feel like I don’t have a pulse, but when I’m performing with this group I feel ALIVE. I feel accepted. I feel home.

The music will disturb and intrigue you, while turning you on!

This show gives all the weirdos out there a place to feel safe, accepted and never judged. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to be amongst such fierce, stunning and passionate performers.

It’s a show you won’t want to miss 🖤


Sister Olga

Olga Surnina

Originating from Kazakhstan, Olga has been performing hand balancing, acrobatics and aerial artistry since a very young age.
She has amazed audiences all over the world with her daredevil ,acrobatic and aerial skills.
Olga is proud to continue performing at the best entertainment events everywhere displaying her strength, flexibility, daring and beauty!


Kayla Bee


South Florida’s Diva in Green, the infamous Kayla Bee!

One of the few true natives left in Florida, this girl is truly one busy bee.

She can sing, dance, AND give good mouth (she is our MC after all).

A familiar face with an even more memorable ass, this Fetish Factory Alum aims to entertain, whatever whatever cost! Get lost this weekend with Kayla Bee!


Christa Knox

Also known as the singing bartender/musician, Christa has performed with several other big name entertainment companies and traveled to places in out of the country
(Dominican republic, Toronto Canada, Atlantis Bahamas etc.)

She’s also one of our major veterans, being in the industry / dancing with FF for over 13 years!

She’ll capture your eyes and mind with her toxic desire…


Val Vampyre

Internationally known as a stamp in the goth and fetish scenes, as well as cabaret circles, South Florida’s very own Val Vampyre graces our stage once more!

Get ready to be entertained, mesmerized, enticed, and aroused by the unique and provocative performances of this undead bombshell.

Experience her prepossessing prowess- leaving you aching to experience it again and again.


  Lindsey Air

Look up to the sky! its a bird its plane! its our amazing acrobat and aerialist Lindsay Air!

She love to fly, as a professional aerialist who’s been performing for the past 15 years on the aerial silks, lyra, chains, freestanding lollipop lyra, and Aqua Ball.

Her diversified performances bring a unique quality to enhance your festivities…day or night.

Can’t wait to conjure magic at Lost Fetish Weekend!!!!


Mandy Faery

Her passion for yoga has lead to aerial acrobatics, and her passion for belly dancing lead her to fire dancing and other prop performances.
She has been attending Fetish Factory parties for many years and is excited to now be performing as part of the FF family.

  Most Ghost



Lauren is a classically trained dancer turned bellydancer, mermaid and fire dancer. She delights in provoking the imagination of her audiences.


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