Fetish Factory is delighted to be invited to host our Lost Fetish Weekend at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel of Boca Raton. The hotel will provide a more exclusive atmosphere for our weekend event with amenities including a nice restaurant, fitness center a posh tropical pool deck. The event is an all-outdoor event where all parties will be hosted on the pool deck where you can enjoy your fetish festivities with masks optional.

According to the CDC and the WHO it is no longer necessary to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated. Mariott Hotels are also taking a stand by adhering to these guidelines set in place, not requiring masking within the premises. Those people who do choose to wear a mask will be respected and wearing a mask still remains optional and accepted at all events. The hotel will inform you of any active requirements upon checking in.

Rooms are still available at the following rates:

  • $139 a night for a 3 day stay (Requires All Access Pass)
  • $159 for a 2 night stay (must be Fri and Sat <or> Sat and Sun) Tickets are required for the events of the day
  • $179 for a 1 night stay (Friday <or> Sunday) There are NO 1 day rooms available for Saturday. Tickets are required for the events of your day of stay,

Once you purchase your tickets, Fetish Factory will contact you to book your room, until the hotel is sold out.

The pool is inviting with a waterfall fixture and an in-ground hot tub, and ample room to sit and lounge under the warm Florida sun and the beautiful starscape at night. The Renaissance will be pouring drinks from their Tiki bar and satellite bars day and night. The walls provide privacy on all sides, and free parking is available all around the building for registered guests; and free parking at the parking structure to the east for party-goers without a room.

We love this hotel because it also provides ample covered areas for our to continue to party and play in the event of inclement weather, or for those who are hiding from the sun! Guests can enjoy our signature bondage equipment scattered around the pool area for play – day or night.

The Renaissance is located conveniently between the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood and Palm Beach Airports. The street address is 2000 NW 19th St, Boca Raton, FL 33431. Boca is renowned for amazing shopping, dining and beaches should you choose to extent your stay and hit the town.


Free on-site parking is available around the entire perimeter of the hotel for registered guests.

Free Parking is also available for all partiers who do not have a room a the high-rise garage adjacent to the East side of the hotel.

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