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For information about the Pervy Pool Party, click here.


Our Secondary Host Hotel - All nights currently available!

We have negotiated a great deal with the 4-star Hilton hotel just across the street & easy walking distance to Sheraton. Anyone who stays at the Hilton is also treated as a guest at the Sheraton all weekend long.

Our rate is only $99/night this year and we have reserved a block of 60 rooms. This rate includes roundtrip airport transportation which is a $60 value.

Since we have sold out the Sheraton so early this year we know we will easily sell out our block at the Hilton. However, there is no guarantee we will be able to get additional rooms at this great rate.

If you want a guarantee for a room, you should book at the Hilton instead of taking your chances on the wait list at the Sheraton.

Book Your Room

Book your room at the Hilton now by clicking on the link below or by calling 954-920-3300. Be sure to tell them you are booking for the Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton and mention our group code ALTER to get our deeply discounted $99/night rate.


There are a few suites available at the Hilton. 1 bedroom for $199/night and 2 bedroom for $299/night. There are no special conditions to reserve a suite at the Hilton. First-come, first-served.

Please note: If you wish to book a suite, you must call 954-920-3300 to book over the phone between 9am-5pm EST. Remember to use our group code ALTER to get that low rate!

Host Hotel Accommodations

SHERATON UPDATE: As of May 19, the Sheraton has only a few rooms remaining for Friday. Please note that you can book a single night Friday and up to 5 days before Friday at our $99/night rate. If you would like to book any or all of these nights, please email Kylie or call 954-926-0672.

IMPORTANT! Please note that Friday guests @ Sheraton with single night reservations must checkout by noon on Saturday to make way for incoming Saturday guests with existing reservations.

Saturday & Sunday are now completely booked solid at Sheraton.

All nights are available at our secondary host hotel the Hilton.

If you would like to be added to a wait list for the Sheraton, please email our ambassador Kylie Binns or call the number below.


PLEASE NOTE that the wait list is NOT a sure thing, and if you are trying to get in this late in the game, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will get a room at the Sheraton. If you want a SURE THING, please book now at the Hilton.

Miscellaneous Sheraton Hotel Information

*At time of booking the hotel will take a non- refundable deposit of 1 night room/ tax on each room that is booked to guarantee the room for you.* 

Hotel Room Rates: 
$99 for 1 or 2 people 
$109 for 3 people 
$119 for 4 people 

Overnight/ Daily Parking is $7 

Microwave, Refrigerators and Rollaway beds are an additional $20 per night. (Limited supply - please request in advance)

If you have any questions or difficulties, you can always email Glenn or call at the store 954-563-5777.

Registered Guests

Please send an email to Glenn with the REAL NAMES of all registered guests in your room. Providing this info will help us make the weekend safe and enjoyable for everyone at the hotel. The management is requiring this of us so that we can prevent outsiders and transients from intruding on the hotels during the weekend. We thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Please note that our $99/night rate is good for any days from Tuesday May 25 - Wednesday June 2, so if you can show up early or stay late to really stretch out your Florida vacation.

Airport Transportation from Fort Lauderdale

Out of town guests who plan to fly in for the event receive an added bonus! We have negotiated complimentary airport transportation from Fort Lauderdale International Airport both upon arrival and departure. We highly recommend you make your flight arrangements early for your best choice and best rate and suggest you fly into Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL).

Airport Transfer from Miami International

If you are forced to fly into Miami International airport you have several options. [read more]

Total Hotel Takeover

Taking over the whole hotel means we have a lot more liberties than in years past when we shared a hotel with vanilla guests - this will be an experience you will NOT want to miss out on! The hotel will be 100% fetish friendly all weekend long!

We will be staying at the beautiful Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel. This is a 4-star hotel with fantastic amenities, fetish-friendly staff, and because we are taking over 100% of the rooms for the weekend, you can be sure that the party will go on here all weekend long without a doubt!

Double bed guest room at Sheraton

The Sheraton is located on Griffin Rd just east of I-95. If you are driving south from Fort Lauderdale it is just past the airport and is visible on the right side from the freeway. The address is 1825 Griffin Rd.

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Fetish Attire & Etiquette

Fetish attire is encouraged all weekend long throughout the hotel. No nudity! It's disrespectful of the hotel and illegal in any public area. Use common sense and make sure you sport your finest fetish wear when strutting through the hotel! Give us a reason to be invited back next year. See lower on the page for more details...

Another great reason to book your room is our hotel guests only Fetish Pool Party on Sunday during the day.

Social Hubs

There are two main social hubs at the hotel. If you are looking to meet new friends, hook up for some fetish play back at your hotel room, hang out or just party all day and all night long, remember to frequent these two hubs:

  1. Poolside - there is always something going on poolside whether the sun is hot and high in the sky, or whether it's the steamy middle of the night. Check by the pool for some new and old friends.
  2. The Lobby Bar - this hotel has an AMAZING lobby bar and we expect this to be a social hub with a lot of opportunities where you can sit and enjoy a drink with a new friends.

Also, limo rides to Fetish Factory & Shuttle Bus to and from nightclub events are a great place to meet, greet & socialize.

Fetish Pool Party - Sunday

Sunday Fetish Pool PartyReady for the kinkiest fun under the sun? [read more]

100% Pet Friendly

The host hotel is 100% pet friendly and allows you to bring your pets along at no extra charge with no weight limits. If you have pets that you are worried about leaving at home, now you can just bring them along for the weekend. This is great news for all of the animal lovers in our scene!

Hotel Etiquette

We are taking over the entire hotel which means that the hotel will be a 100% fetish friendly environment, and we encourage you to wear your sexy fetishwear outfits all weekend long in common, public areas of the hotel. Remember, the hotel is fetish friendly, but most if not all the members of the staff at the hotel are not in our scene.

While fetishwear is encouraged, please note that frontal nudity in any public area of the hotel is not allowed. For women, this means no nips or genitalia visible. Just cover up. At bare minimum, we ask that you wear pasties and a g-string. For guys, just be sure to cover up your junk. :-)

Sex is not allowed in any public area of the hotel. This should be a common sense thing that we don't even really need to put it on the website. Save it for your room. This is NOT a swingers' event and public sexual acts are disrespectful to our scene and to the hotel, not to mention illegal.

Above all, please be respectful and give us a reason to be invited back next year! We love this hotel and want to keep returning for many fetish weekends to come.

Poolside Etiquette

The same rules that apply to the hotel apply to the pool, plus a few special rules.

NO GLASS BOTTLES by the pool. This can create a potentially dangerous situation for our guests and a liability for the hotel. As a rule, do not bring them out to poolside at all.

No frontal nudity at poolside. Obviously, this also means no nudity or sex in the pool. This is unhygienic, disrespectful, and illegal - not to mention this is not what the Fetish Weekend is all about. This is NOT a swingers event. Save it for your room!

If you have any questions, please email Glenn.

Scene Liaison

If you have a problem, please ask for our FF Den Keeper and Scene Liaison Domina DeManda of LAC & our Fetish School. She will be on-hand at the hotel with her partner SickBoy running point to resolve any issues between our crowd and the hotel.

Want to go to the pool party?
Book a room at the host hotel or the secondary hotel for any night during the weekend and you will have complimentary access to the official Pervy Pool Party at The Sheraton on Saturday - and the common areas of the Sheraton all weekend long!

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