Who's Who

In the past, we have expanded this section of the Anniversary website to list all of our model, dom(me) and performer friends who are coming to town to attend and participate in our event.

Starting this year, we are only going to list those who are directly involved in the production of our Fetish Weekend event. [why?]

Check back on this page as it is updated frequently in the weeks and months leading up to the event.


Masuimi Max

One of the most infamous, popular, and I daresay gorgeous fetish and pin-up models in the world is our dear friend Masuimi Max.

The stunning half-asian, all-Texan beauty has hosted / performed at many FF events in the past including our 2005 Halloween Fetish Ball and many of our Exotique fetish parties. We are excited to have her back for our big 15-Year Anniversary Fetish Weekend.

You can expect this total knockout bombshell to bring a party and fill the night with sexy surprises.

Rebecca's Rubber Room

The shining star of Alter Ego, Rebecca has been a staple on the South Florida fetish scene since the beginning. The icy-eyed and ink-soaked siren has been working for Fetish Factory for years by organizing performers and scheduling performances at the Alter Ego Fetish Parties, and of course, dancing on the box at our events.

In addition, she has worked both professionally and recreationally as a dominatrix and has run her own dungeon. She's a woman who knows how to take charge and is unafraid to have her way.

Her name as a fetish model is now world-famous and she often travels to model for photographers or dance and perform at fetish events all over the world.

Empress Stah

From jolly old England comes Empress Stah, a fetish performer with a flair for the lunatic bizarre side of things who has worked extensively with Torture Garden. She has been described as a mix between the acrobatic skill of Chain Goddess Brandy and the shocking, masochistic performance art of Luci Fire.

She electrified our crowd as a featured performer at our 11-Year Anniversary Fetish Weekend and we are so very excited to have her back again this year! We can't wait to see what she has in store!


From the urban wasteland of Los Angeles comes contortionist, performance artist, extreme pole dancer, and hot punk rock chick S1N F!ST3D who has performed all over the world. She will be wowing our crowd from the stage on Saturday and Sunday night with some unique fetish performances.

Her style is all her own. She has a knack for showing her audience what the song should look and feel like. With her energetic performances, crazy flexibility & ever-changing look, you'll never get sick of watching her.

Don't blink or you might miss something truly amazing!


One of the most visible and sought-after male models in fetish is the whiskey-soaked Los Angeles native Perish.

Striking and androgynous, Perish is a model and performer that leaves an indelible impression. He makes a resounding impact at every appearance.

Perish wowed our crowd with 2 unforgettable fetish performances at the 2008 Halloween Fetish Ball. We are excited to have him join us again this year on the stage and in the crowd for the Anniversary Fetish Ball.

Your Emcee - Kip

Kippiepoo gave his first fetish performance at the tender age of six. It was a burlesque number to the tune "What's New Pussy Cat?". He danced onto the stage (sofa), clad only in a pair of tighty whities, with the family cat wrapped round his neck. The audience members (his older sisters) were so enthralled they bloodied his nose and strangled him with his own BVDs!

Since then his exhibitionist bent has taken him to fetish events around the world. He's walked for Vex, Vesperi, and Libidex, performed at the Rubber Ball, and written about his experiences in Buckle magazine. And to think, this all began with a little pussy and a lot of pain!

Bonk & Brit

Brit's notorious talent with poi, hoop, fans, staves and fire eating can be seen at private events, music festivals, high-profile night clubs and street pitches across the country.

Bonk has been juggling for over 22 years, stilting for 7 years and playing with stuff his whole life while catering to his insatiable curiosity for how objects can move and be manipulated. 

Together, Bonk and Brit combine their skills and raw sensuality to create a dance of life, light and lust with mystifying machinations of manipulation mastery that will ignite your imagination and ensnare your senses in a seductively stimulating presentation of passionate fire-play.

Drew Leach

This model turned performer has been amazing south Florida audiences  for the last year now with his unique style and versatile repertoire of  acrobatic apparatuses.  Although he is new to the glam fetish scene,  this sexy siren will be sure to transcend you to a new sexual dimension. Enjoy!


Our DJs and VJs are responsible for the signature sound of our parties - the great music you've come to expect when you party with us at an Alter Ego event.

Danny Bled
Jean Vega
Mad Vinny
Carlos Llanos
Xris SMack!


KC Killjoy


VJ DarkIntersection

Known for his ability to intercombine and reinvent visual media and music in real time, VJ DarkIntersection AKA Ricardo has been closely associated with Fetish Factory and our brand of fetish parties and nightclubbing events for a long time.

In addition to spinning great music and creating an onslaught of mind-blowing visuals at the party, Ricardo is also a filmmaker, video editing wizard, musician, and all around great guy.



The Alter Ego dancers are world-class entertainers with great bodies and killer moves. Our dancers dazzle the crowd and keep the energy pumping all night long. They dance under the direction of entertainment coordinator, fetish performer and FF stalwart Rebecca.

Morgan La Rue

Morgan La Rue has been dancing since she could stand. Apart from being one of South Florida's sexiest burlesque performers, she has also been seen showing her kinky side as part of the Fetish Factory family since 2004.

A stunning Pin-up and fetish model Miss La Rue has had the pleasure in working with some of the top photographers on both sides of the business. She may be a blonde here in this picture, but it is impossible to miss this brilliant red-headed bombshell.

So keep your eyes peeled, the Queen of Hearts may be performing at a venue near you...

Danny the Wreck

Started dancing in 2005 for Alter Ego, a chance taken by The Fetish Factory and Rebecca's Rubber Room that they would soon regret as he took a quick turn to destructiveness. He turned his dance into Rock n Roll, as he would break everything in his sets. From countless latex pants, gloves, to splitting his mouth open and gushing blood in the middle of his routines. No matter what, the crowd liked it, they wanted more, and The Fetish Factory gave it to them. lock up your daughters and keep a first aid kit handy. Enjoy.


Val became part of the look, the feel of the soul of South Florida's goth/electronic scene. As she transcended she began to perform for Fetish Factory's Alter Ego parties, most recently for Saint Saturday and Revel.

Her intense look captivated the eyes of thousands of people who were never disappointed by her dynamics with the stage and the music. Her passion for fetish fashion drove her into the scene's modeling world.

Rest assured that her moves will mesmerize you and send you into an erotic frenzy that will haunt you throughout your clubbing experience, and leave you begging for more!

Satan's Kitty

Satan's Kitty slithered onto the South Florida fetish scene in 2006 and was quickly adopted by the Fetish Factory.

The mysterious meow who started out as a classically trained dancer soon went alleycat, going Go-Go for many of Fetish Factory's monthly parties.

This kitten loves to be lubed in latex, regularly plays in wax and has no fear in the face of a vac bed. From respirators and gas masks to canes and strap ons, she's always ready to come out and play.


With eleven years dance experience, and participation in two dance companies, Agony is a priceless addition to the Fetish Factory family.  

Her dance resume includes a peculiar mixture of ballet, modern, hip-hop and capoeira.  But you might remember her best by her eclectic fashion sense and stage performances with Stryker-Vawn, DefenzMechanizm, Perish and Gen-XX.  

Look for her on stage Saturday with Carissa White dancing the night away.


Bio coming soon.

Dalia Dreadful

Dalia has always loved dancing. In recent months, she has come out of her shell and overcome a long battle with shyness to become one of the most energetic dancers in South Florida.

In addition to dancing at Revel and Alter Ego events, she has also done fetish performances at various clubs, danced at the Legion fetish party, and even shirked off boring mainstream modeling for something a bit more untamed: fetish modeling!

Dalia is in love with the local fetish scene when she's not studying funerary services and art education.

Carissa White

Carissa White is a vibrant model who is very versatile. She is like a chameleon who at one moment can be captured in stark elegant beauty and seamlessly can transform into a Steam Punk or vampy Fetish Model. Carissa is also a Performance Artist and GoGo Dancer and has performed at several big Fetish events around the country. She has been captured by some top photographers and is continuously expanding her portfolio.

You may recognize Carissa since she has danced GoGo for both Fetish Factory's Alter Ego and Revel Nightclub events!


Where the models are, so go the photographers! We have a house full of talent behind the lens when it comes to fetish and they always make the scene. Some of the finest in the world will be here for the FF Anniversary Weekend.

Tom O'Shields

London to Lauderdale, Berlin to Boston, Tom's gritty, minimalist, in-your-face style brings true authenticity to fetish fans everywhere. Tom, a long-time friend of Fetish Factory has been documenting the biggest and best parties in the fetish scene worldwide for the past 7 years as well as all the important people who make these events happen.


Four years ago Jonathan from Boston attended his first Fetish Factory Alter Ego party and he was hooked. Since then he has been a regular at our parties developing his Alter Ego... MisterVibe.

MisterVibe has learned to play well, whether it’s with his Camera or his vibrating gloves. He has been honing his craft in London, New York, Boston, Las Vegas and Montreal. He will soon be published in Marquis. Attending the anniversary party for the 4th year in a row, we present MisterVibe.

Fuckin' Gerry

Gerry Koehler is traveling in from California and is the event photographer for Hustler's TABOO Magazine. Gerry's niche is capturing the crowd so when you see him sneaking up on you, you can be rest assured he's got his eye on fetish.

Michael Diamond

Michael is a fetish photographer who shoots for ErosArts Productions creating some of the hottest bondage, femdom, and foot fetish images around. His work is exciting, arousing, and intriguing. Have a look and I'm sure you will agree! We are excited to have Michael down for the Anniversary Weekend.

Luis Allen

Luis Allen is a popular presence on the west coast capturing the fantastic looks/sexy eye-candy people have to offer in the gothic/fetish club scene since 2003. He's made a name for himself to some of North America's most popular fetish events.

He continuously pursues his work in the San Francisco Bay Area for all their major club events on the west coast. You can find him as the house photographer for notable dance clubs such as Death Guild and Bondage-A-Go-Go in San Francisco, as well as Asylum in Sacramento.

Erik Von Gutenberg

Entrepreneur Erik von Gutenberg published his first Fashion, Fantasy and Lifestyle Magazine last year VON GUTENBERG, today the number 1 fetish magazine in the US nationwide available. Erik Von Gutenberg, a long-term fetish scene insider passionately committed to serving the community with the highest level content and products.

Vongutenberg.com has fetish-friendly features such as the popular and free social networking site myfetishcafe.com, vongutenbergblog.com is a wonderful area of the site where news and event reporting is found, as well as exclusive toy reviews, the fetish scene blogging by Thierry, sections on fetish models, fashion, fantasy and burlesque. Additionally you need to check out the new Couture site from Von Gutenberg Magazine Vongutenbergcouture.com , unique pieces and accessories.

England Peter

Based in London, England Peter is a well known photographer on the international fetish scene over the past 6 years. Recent events attended include, The Montreal Fetish Weekend, New York Rubber Awards,  Torture Garden Rome, Tokyo, Berlin, Clinic Amsterdam, Skin2 London, the Folsom Street Fair San Francisco, The London Fetish Weekend and many others.

A regular contributor to Marquis Magazine and many other publications throughout the world. The website is thefetishsalon.com well known for its fast uploads of event coverage.


Bio coming soon.


Bio coming soon.

Carter Spade

A long-time photographer recently turned serious, Carter has shot many events including MMA, local & national rock shows, fetish parties, fetish model shoots and more.

His talents also extend into the studio, filling portfolios for fetish & fashion models or creating imagery for CD covers & band merch.

On the floors of the fetish events, Carter is quick to shoot eye catching situations, always trying to create something unique. The crazier the better!

The Dro

Dro is a videographer, video editing wizard, website designer, animal expert, and the bass player for industrial group Deadstar Assembly.

He has been closely associated with Fetish Factory and has been attending parties for countless years. He will be capturing the action at this year's Anniversary Fetish Weekend.


Chris Spires

Chris "Ghettobutt" Spires loves to watch, and it shows. He uses his itchy trigger finger, impeccable sense of timing, and signature “crane shot” to capture the moments. His candid shots deliver you back to those moments you remember, and sometimes the ones that may have gotten lost in the swirl.

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