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Born and raised in London, England. She grew up modelling and fire performed in the great city. But moved to USA in 2017 to perused her Burlesque dream. She has graced over 60 magazine covers worldwide and is a full time resident performer in Las Vegas Nevada. Known for her Crimson red hair, fully tattooed bombshell body, this British Vixen is here to put the tea, in tease. Let’s give a ROUSING applaud to this Multi award winning babe and QUEEN of the 2022 Golden Championship, Cervena Fox!


Val Vampyre is an international fetish icon with over two decades of experience known for magnetic performances and captivating presence. Her masterful, seductive allure has mesmerized audiences from Florida, New York, Washington, Montreal, and Vancouver. A seasoned professional, Val's performances are a testament to her unwavering dedication to the art of fetish and dance. a true force to be reckoned with. Queen among shadows, and a legend in her own right.


The RUBBER SLUTS is the powerhouse devil duet composed of 2 of South Florida's most unforgiving, undeniable and notorious fetish goddesses in the scene. VAL VAMPYRE & LEXUS WICKED. Their shows hold nothing back and are sure to make you down your drink at the bar and run to the stage with a towel. Make sure you do everything, except for missing their performances.


South Florida's Satirical Stunner, the infamous Kayla Bee! She can sing, dance, AND give good mouth (she is our emcee after all). A familiar face with an even more memorable ass, this Fetish Factory Alum aims to entertain, at whatever cost! Catch her buzzing around all Anniversary Weekend stinging subs & searching for honey.


Lexus Wicked has been dancing and performing for Fetish Factory for 10 years, doing many (very memorable) XXX shows. She's not known for wearing or having clothes on, and uses the hashtag #gothicc a lot. Look for her as the other half of the RubberSluts!


Known for her wild observational humor, vicious one-liners, and unrelenting raunchy wit, Nicole Halliwell is not your average Drag Queen. From television appearances to her own national comedy tour, the “Queen of Mean” is an entertainment powerhouse in South Florida. The most frequently hired Drag Entertainer in the state for the last decade – Halliwell produces hundreds of shows nationwide, but returns home annually to join forces with her family at The Mecca of Kink, Fetish Factory as their delightfully deviant emcee. Learn more at


Abyssal Hoops is a multi-skilled performance artist specializing in fire and multi hula hoop entertainment. She started performing in 2017, and performs every weekend with a rotation of entertainment companies and venues in South Florida. Her specialties include fire performing, multi circus hula hoop, and stilt walking.


Damien Lenore is an internationally touring burlesque and fire performance artist based in South Florida.


Hailing from Argentina, Phoenix Lenore is a professional athlete and burlesque performer with a very busy schedule. Growing up in a dance studio, he turned his playtime into performance art.


A vibrant vixen who is a red-headed dragon in disguise, Jezebelle Red is a multi-talented burlesque performer celebrating 14 years in the burlesque world. She's got Southern class combined with New York sass, making her one classy broad. Jezebelle Red is also producer of Back Burner Burlesque and owner of Revelry Bar in Pompano Beach, FL.


A multifaceted performer weaving tales through her diverse talents on stage. With a magnetic presence, she captivates audiences through the art of dance, mesmerizing illusions, and captivating storytelling. From graceful movements to spellbinding narratives, Lyra Angels enchants without uttering a single note, proving that the language of performance transcends mere melody.


She loves the darkness, and feels it reflects the essence of her soul! She flies in the night skies, reigning over the stars. Amethyst Reign is a Professional Aerialist performing in the South Florida market for the past 15 years, with wide experiences with corporate and private events. Her portfolio of aerial performances (aerial silks, lyra, chains) and ground performances (stilt-walking, aqua bubble) make for a diversified performance. She is the resident aerialist at Goldfinger Nightclub.


DJ DAVIDÉ aka Davide LaPara, has been DJing since 1995, and was interested in music from an early age. Presently, the primary style played by Davidé at clubs is heavy on synth melodies and bass lines, with mostly dark electronic music styles including Indie House, Electro House, Melodic Techno, Techno, etc. He also plays many alternative parties, with playlists ranging from Post-Punk to New Wave to Cold Wave & Dark Wave. Davidé has had extensive gig experience, having also played major clubs and large scale electronic music, alternative and Fetish events all over the world. Davidé brings his passion for music to every gig, always bringing special energy to the event that creates a unique vibe and pumping dance floor.


A 27 year veteran on the decks. IVNX mixes the dark industrial sounds into the EDM world. Techno, House and Midtempo Bass Music with EBM and Dark Disco. His mixes blur the line with deep sonic grooves, hypnotic melodies and dark vocals to suck you in.


Through her productions, Barcelona-based DJ Lith Li manifests music as a medium towards a feminist vision. Immersing the listener in a melodic and sensory journey through her atmospheric sessions in the RED SEA, where finding liberation is possible on the dancefloor. Her DJ sets are a narrative built from carefully selected tracks, which embrace and give visibility to those referents of history that left their mark on us in silence, and couldn't see the light, oscillating between music with hidden messages and riddles for the human mind. Their transgressive imagery, symbols and latex clothes submerge us through those socially imposed constructions from the visible-sexualized image to the non-visible one of the free understanding of women. It's the struggle for music from a change for equality that makes this artist create.


From the concrete jungles of Philadelphia emerged a Super Villain like no other from the ashes emerged DJ DOCTOR OCTO-PUSSY VESAGO Cyber Fetish 1995 to 2014 Philadelphia...NYC ...DC ...Pittsburgh Fetish Factory Ft Lauderdale The Castle Tampa The Endless Night Vampire Ball AND PRESENT KULTURE SHOCK MIAMI ORLANDO PHILADELPHIA


Expect to dance. Catering to the kink scene for 3 years but making asses shake for over 15, you'll love his selection spanning from hard-hitting electro to naughty house vibes!


We welcome Xris SMack! back into the fold for Florida Fetish Weekend 29! Expect a wide range of EBM + Gothic Industrial vibes from his sets!


DJ Sideshow has been DJing since 2003, traveling all over the Midwest and DJing fetish events of all kinds--music festivals, zombie walks, fundraisers, private parties, anime conventions and horror conventions. He is one crazy active person, spinning Fetish, Cyberpunk, and Mid-Tempo Music to Dance to, Play to, drink to, and all around party to.


She's a renowned DJ hailing from Delray Beach, FL, expertly blending and remixing an array of genres in open sets to create an unforgettable sonic experience. Tumbles graced the stage as the opening act for Paul Oakenfold, and performed at Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s Freedom Paws gala, showcasing her dedication not only to her craft but also to making a positive impact on the world through her music. Join her on this exhilarating musical journey as her DJ residencies take her to a handful of Delray Beach venues, The Avalon Lounge, Rosewater Rooftop at The Ray Hotel, and Honey Delray. She is also the official sound for The Big Dog Ranch Charity Group at Mar-a-Lago and for Celebrity Chef at Opal Grand.

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