Join us FRIDAY, October 26th 10pm-4am

We're still hashing out the details for our 2019 Event
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Doors 10pm - 4am
18+ Welcome!


Parking all around the club and Valet for $5.

There is street parking as well as 2 lots adjacent to the club on NE 8th Terrance. Parking available along the lots on Wilton Drive.


Marlo Marquise
Visha Loo
Jaxx Evans
Christa Knox
Amy Le'Feu


We command the following attire:
Rubber, Leather, Vinyl, Gothic, Nu-Goth, Gutter Goth, Punk Rock, Fetish Glam, Cyber Erotic, Kinky Drag, Sexy Uniforms, Victorian, Steam Punk, Cyber Punk, Body Art, Cosmic Wear, Animal Persona, Metal, Liquid, Anime
Halloween costumes are acceptable, the more provocative, the better!

Marlo Marquise

Marlo Marquise

World traveling Showgirl and Impalement Artist, Marlo Marquise (now based in Albuquerque, NM) brings you her own modern style of old school sideshow skills with a mix of glamour, femininity, and energy. She was mentored by some of the greats in Sideshow history, and has performed for audiences globally, including France, Spain, Japan, England, Italy, and all over the USA. You may have also seen her on national and international TV shows such as Discovery Channel Oddities, TLC Cake Boss, VH1 Morning Buzz, Jimmy Kimmel Live, France Incroyable, and is often seen on tour with notorious Tattoo Conventions and famed rock band Janes Addiction.

Nicknamed “Le Chic Freak” and “The Risk in Risque” by Bizarre Magazine, this Showgirl Fakir is well-known for performing innovative acts such as “Burlesque on Hooks” and “Stairway to Machetes”. She can walk and contort her body on glass, performs her own unique version of Human Blockhead with custom initial nails, single tail whip tricks, pierce herself in an ode to the cultural stylings of Fakir with 8 and 10 gauge skewers, walk and lay on real machetes, hang from flesh hooks in her skin, and is a highly skilled fire eater.

Marlo Marquise

Visha Loo

The Vain, Vindictive Voguish Visha Loo, Calgary Canada's own alternative culture darling is returning to the Fetish Factory's Halloween Fetish Ball 2018. We are very happy to have her back and to grace our stage for this event.

Visha Loo performed several years ago for our Halloween Fetish Ball and is an amazing international performer, Contortionist, and Model.

She does it all in The Land That is Visha Loo.
In Visha's own words; "I may be a freak, but I do it well!" Not content as just a pretty face that can bend her body, Visha Loo has also become a role model for all of the strange, unique and eccentric souls across the world. Welcome to The Land That is Visha Loo where you can be you!

Seven years ago she could not touch her toes. Taking an interest in contorting, Visha Loo literally "run away to the circus" and began stretching. Through hard work, dedication and training she has now done more than 100+ performances over the last 6 years and has been seen on TV networks such as YTV, City TV and The Cave. From classic circus style to burlesque and even horror and fetish, Visha has a eccentric performance to satisfy any audience. Visha Loo is constantly changing her look all of the time and likes to keep it fresh. Her unique look combines elements of "Disney meets Horror", which she has used in the last decade as a premier Alternative model. Visha has appeared on multiple covers and has been printed inside more than 50 publications. Her unique appearance, a diminutive stature and 30 facial and body piercings, who is unique, beautiful and a fun performer to welcome back to South Florida to perform at our event this year

Marlo Marquise


With extensive experience as choreographers and improvisors, they infuse aerial & ground performances with nuanced sophistication and electrifying power.

RAVEN performs in a wide assortment of venues and productions, running the gamut from nightclubs, concerts, immersive theatre, proscenium productions, and variety to corporate events, commercial video and still shoots.

Photographer: T. Foster



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